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History of Bingo number names

In the beginning bingo travelled through many countries and over the centuries the names that bingo callers use with the numbers have been well travelled as well. Each country has a slightly different version of the number names when calling traditional bingo in a hall, but the essence is the very same and entertainment is one of them is something that thrills us all. The numbers range from rhyming with the numbers to a reason why they are named this from one dozen to a man alive this game is sure to keep you on your toes. There are some that believe that the origins of the names come from different countries but in the UK they still vary from region to region.� Many of the numbers have more than one name some have a rhyming name and a reason name. This could be attributed to the fact that many rhyming names can rhyme with other numbers down the track when the caller calls them. This can sometimes make it harder for players to remember so the reason names were introduced as well. There are many variations of the names used by bingo callers but there are many common ones that are shared by all bingo lovers. Here are some examples that we have found of some of the more popular and well known nicknames for the game of bingo numbers from 1 to 10. Number 1 At the beginning or Kelly’s eye - this is from the famous Australian outlaw Ned Kelly who was a one eyed gangster. Number 2 Me and you or one little duck – as the number is shaped like a swan Number 3 You and me or cup of tea Number 4 Knock at the door Number 5 Man alive Number 6 Toms tricks or Tom Nix Number 7 Gods in heaven or Lucky seven Number 8 Golden gate, garden gate or one fat lady – named after the number 8 Number 9 Doctor’s orders – this was because during WWII the common name for the laxative pill was number 9 Number 10 Tony’s den – Tony refers to Prime Minister Tony Blair who lives at 10 Downing Street, in an ironic twist when the PM changes so does the call. As we can see the range of reasons for the number names now used by bingo callers dates back as far as WWII but the simple fact is that bingo is an ever changing game. Today’s numbers will be tomorrows history as the game changes again but that’s what the players enjoy so much is the new exciting surprises this wonderful game brings us.

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