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Bingo chat etiquette and terms

Online bingo has rules and regulations just like any other situation there are certain types of behaviors that are acceptable within the world of bingo. Each website has different chat etiquette but they generally have the same agenda: to provide s safe environment for all bingo players to enjoy the games they are playing. Each website has introduced this to provide a safety net as such to protect players from people who might want to ruin their experience. �Plus to join the online bingo chat rooms there is a special type of bingo lingo used called Bingo Chat Jargon. � Firstly we will discuss what chat etiquette is expected from players while they are playing bingo at the website and chatting to other bingo players. The emphasis is that all players have the best experience provided by the website. Also if people don’t follow the rules they can be reported to the CM (chat monitor) to be dealt with. �Here are the rules: don’t use caps lock as it only used by the CM,� don’t complain about loosing, let the CM answer questions to eliminate confusion as this is their job let them do it, no spreading false rumours, no racism, no asking for loans, no arguing or bickering, not to promote other sites on the current website, no harassing or vulgarity, have respect for fellow players and your CM,� use the help desk if you have questions and no emails or instant messages names to be posted in the chat rooms. These are all a broad idea of what the chat etiquette is all about but each website will have their own so check it out before chatting. � Secondly bingo chat jargon is a type of “language” used when players are chatting to each other on the website. There are numerous terms used and here’s a brief overview of what you should know before heading into the bingo chat rooms: 4AO – For adults only AFACT- As far as I can tell AFC – Away from computer ALS – Age, location, sex ATM- At the moment BB- Bye Bye BRB – Be right back BLNT – Better luck next time CM – Chat master/monitor COI – Come on in CTN – Cant talk right now CYAL8ER- See you later D – D/The EL – Evil Laugh EMML – Email me later FISH – First in still here GTG- Got to go JFF- Just for fun NP – No problem OW – Oh well SRY – Sorry TC – Take care WTG – Way to go YW – Your welcome Is just some of the bingo lingo that is used in the chat rooms. The abbreviated language of bingo at first looks like a whole new language and at first will seem that way but it doesn’t take much to get used to. Plus the CM is helpful and friendly so any teething problems can be solved quickly. Once you have got the lingo sorted then you can meet new people and chat to them about the great world of bingo. more articles on www.ladybirdbingo.com

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