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A London escorts affair

John met a wonderful women he wanted to marry. She was gorgeous, fun, and great in so many ways. One day he realised that he might have made a mistake in the physical area simply because she was not the lover he was envisioning (though in every other part of the relationship she’s perfect). Now John found himself with the opportunity one day to actually experience these unrequited feelings of sexual pleasure by hiring an escort. What would you do if you were John? Here is his opportunity to explore what he knows will be the single-greatest sexual experience is his life with a woman who will not expect anything in return (beside a generous contribution to her savings fund). Could it really be considered cheating, since there are no strings attached? Making use of London escorts is one of those things that instantly creates a rift in any conversation. Some people are for them, while the rest are against. Anyone who has ever been the victim of an affair hates the idea of their spouse commissioning the services of an escort agency. Yet, on the other hand, married people who make use of escorts on a regular basis usually feel justified in doing so because their spouse doesn’t fulfil them in the same sexual way. So what’s a man to do? Do you spend every day just dreaming about what it would be like to feel the sexy escort beneath you, looking into her eyes at the moment of sexual height for both of you…or do you just forget it and resign yourself to a life of vanilla when cookies-n-cream is right there? If you’re going to consider making use of London escorts, then there are many things to keep in mind. First of all, an affair destroys all trust in your relationship…sometimes forever so keep it simple. Do not develop feelings think of it as a mutual business transaction. When you let someone into your bed, you are in essence giving them the most intimate part of yourself. If this is something you feel should be treasured by your spouse only then using escort services are not the right option for you.� Hiring an escort cheapens you in the eyes of your spouse. While a husband might proudly display pictures of his wife to friends and co-workers when she’s his and his alone, if he had to find out that she secretly has intimate pleasure with escorts this will no longer be the case and visa-versa. Why you may ask? Well...being married automatically makes you 'community property'. Try not to get upset at this, but the truth is if the spouse had to find out about the escorting mischief they will see their partner as ...”'a cheap whore” - its human nature. An escort fling can strengthen a marriage…but sometime it will end it. Oh, I’ve heard the talk about how couples come back stronger than ever after discovering their spouses infidelity. I’ve seen the testimonials on TV talk shows and watch as the held each other’s hands tightly while talking about how strong their love is now. But they are the exceptions to the rule. The simple� fact is that some marriages never recover from this kind of extra-curricular activities however there are some that flourish because of it. Try this exercise and see if you still feel that hiring London escorts wouldn’t be a deal-breaker: When you are making love to your spouse/significant other, there are particular moves they use that you probably love. They make certain sounds when you hit that perfect spot with them. They sometimes whisper things to you while you are together that is intimate and for your ears only.� Now imagine them doing the exact same things, whispering those sweet words, and making those same gestures to someone else. Imagine another man on top of your wife, or another woman on top of your husband as your spouse makes those same facial expressions of pure pleasure experiencing the passion. Does it hurt or does it turn you on? Think you could just say, “Ok” and move on? And finally… Discovering your “escorting incident” doesn’t just destroy your reputation…it can destroy your spouse’s as well. People may say, “Oh, there’s John, I heard he uses London escorts and got caught!” But they also follow up with, “Yeah, his wife was really hurt. Guess she wasn’t good enough to keep him happy in the sack, eh?” So what’s the answer? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: If you’re at the point in your relationship where you’re seriously considering a “harmless experience” with a London escort, be prepared for the consequences whether virtuous or unscrupulous.
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